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All Subject Area Websites

Clip Art Sites

iPad Resources

Search Engine Sites

Study Island

Kids Click!

 United Streaming (video on demand)

Websites for Teachers

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K-2 Reading

Literacy Center
The Literacy Center aims to provide safe learning activities for parents and teachers to share with young children. It follows a modified Montessori approach to teaching reading. As a pre and early reading curriculum, it assumes that each online lesson will be supported by appropriate offline instruction, either at home or in school. 
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The Starfall learn-to-read website is offered free as a public service. We also provide writing journals and books at a very low cost that can be used with the website or separately. Teachers around the country are using Starfall materials as an inexpensive way to make the classroom more fun and to inspire a love of reading and writing.    Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj04079000000[1].gif 

Alphabet Organizer
Students can use the tool to print an alphabet chart or pages for an alphabet book.   
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Picture Match
Picutre Math is designed to give new readers practice with identifying beginning-letter and short- and long-vowels sounds through a simple, fun game.   
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Kindergarten Literacy Websites
Students practice their colors and shapes. This site is completely audio so children can work at their own pace independently.  
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First Grade Literacy Websites 
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj03967000000[1].gif


Second Grade Literacy Websites  
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The Reading Zone
The Reading Zone is a little like the fiction section at a public library. You can find links to on-line stories and also learn more about your favorite books and authors   
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PBS Kids Stories    Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02329880000[1].gif


Mother Goose Rhymes   
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02331180000[1].gif

Book Pals
The Screen Actors Guild Foundation is proud to bring you Storyline Online, an on-line streaming video program featuring SAG members reading childrens books aloud.   
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Game Goo  Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02804050000[1].gif


Classic Fairy Tales   
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Look and Cover
Powerful online spelling tool. Teachers and pupils can create their own lists or adapt and choose from many built in lists. Children at Ambleside can create their own personal lists,
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Word Maker

Picture spelling game - drag and match letters.  Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02906730000[1].gif


Pictures Spelling Game 
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02833870000[1].gif


Online Game for study spelling
Practice Your Spelling & Review Vocabulary While Having Fun.  
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3-5 Reading
Third Grade Literacy Websites

Fourth Grade Literacy Websites

Fifth Grade Literacy Websites

Create a Diamente Poem
In this online tool, students can learn about and write diamante poems, which are diamond-shaped poems that use nouns, adjectives, and gerunds to describe either one central topic or two opposing topics (for example, night/day or winter/spring).

Create a Flip Book
The Flip Book is designed to allow users to type and illustrate tabbed flip books up to ten pages long. Students and teachers can use the flip book for taking notes while reading, making picture books, collecting facts, or creating question and answer booklets

Letter Generator
Students learn how to write a friendly-style and a business-style letter

Comic Creator
The Comic Creator invites students to compose their own comic strips for a variety of contexts (prewriting, pre- and postreading activities, response to literature, and so on). The organizers focus on the key elements of comic strips by allowing students to choose backgrounds, characters, and props, as well as to compose related dialogue

Acrostic Poems
This online tool enables students to learn about and write acrostic poems. Elements of the writing process are also included.


Game Goo

Time for Kids

Kid's Mysteries

Ghost Stories and Folktales

Scholastic News

Look and Cover
Powerful online spelling tool. Teachers and pupils can create their own lists or adapt and choose from many built in lists. Children at Ambleside can create their own personal lists,

Funbrain Reading -Mad Libs

Spell Check

Online Game for study spelling

Storyline Online




6-8 Reading
Sixth Grade Literacy Websites

Seventh Grade Literacy Websites

Eighth Grade Literacy Websites

Online Newspapers

Today's Frontpages

Middle School Literature and Reading Connections


9-12 Reading

AOL School

CNN Student News

USA Today

Literary Graffiti
The Literary Graffiti interactive combines the process of drawing with analytical thinking about a text by pairing an online drawing space with writing prompts (shown at left) that encourage students to make connections between their visual designs and the text.

Plot Diagram
The Plot Diagram is an organizational tool focusing on a pyramid or triangular shape, which is used to map the events in a story. This mapping of plot structure allows readers and writers to visualize the key features of stories.



K-2 Math

Kindergarten Math WebsitesDescription: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\j0356713.gif

First Grade Math Websites 
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj03326800000[1].gif

Second Grade Math Websites 
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02865280000[1].gif


KinderWeb Math Websites
Interactive educational games geared for the beginning of the school year or preschoolers. Students practice their colors and shapes. This site is completely audio so children can work at their own pace independently.  Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCPE06593_0000[1].gif

AAA Math
Hundreds of pages of Basic Math Skills.

Interactive Practice on every page.
An Explanation of the math topic on each page.
Several Challenge Games on every page.
Math Problems are randomly created. 
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj01346670000[1].gif

Math Assessments

Aplus Math
This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively. 
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Addition Fact Challenge 
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCED00050_0000[1].gif


Subtration Fact Challenge 
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02865280000[1]1.gif


Division Fact Challenge 
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MPj03876870000[1].jpg


Flashcard Clock

Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02338470000[1].gif

Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj03529030000[1].gif


Flash Cards  
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MPj03995390000[1].jpg


Number & Operations - Interactive Math 
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02371610000[1].gif


Algebra - Interactive Math  
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02906820000[1].gif


Geometry - Interactive Math  
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02907090000[1].gif


Measurement - Interactive Math  
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MPj03090450000[1].jpg


Data Analysis & Probability - Interactive Math  
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02378330000[1].gif


Funbrain Math
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02341640000[1].gif


Math Glossary 
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02371840000[1].gif


A Math Dictionary for KidsDescription: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02371580000[1].gif

Manga High Math


3-5 Math

Third Grade Math Websites

4th Grade Math Websites

5th Grade Math Websites

How many cents?

Change Maker

Multiplication Fact Challenge

Multiplication Games

Baseball Math

Counting Change

Kids Bank
KidsBank.comô is a tutorial website brought to you by Sovereign Bank that explains the fundamentals of money and banking to children

Brain Teasers

Number & Operations- Interactive Math

Algebra - Interactive Math

Geometry - Interactive Math

Measurement - Interactive Math

Data Analysis & Probability - Interactive Math

Funbrain Math

Multiplication Game

Math Glossary

A Math Dictionary for Kids

Manga High Math


6-8 Math

6th Grade Math Websites

7th Grade Math Websites

8th Grade Math Websites


Create a graph

Brain Teasers

Number Operations-Interactive Math

Algebra -Interactive Math

Geometry - Interactive Math

Measurement - Interactive Math

Data Analysis & Probability - Interactive Math

Funbrain Math


9-12 Math

Greater Flint Education Consortium -College Placement Practice Math Exams

Number & Operations -Interactive Mathematics

Algebra -Interactive Mathematics

Geometry -Interactive Mathematics

Measurement -Interactive Mathematics

Data Analysis & Probability -Interactive Mathematics

Algebra Lessons

Algebra 1 Help


K-2 Science


First Grade Student Sites 
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\j0215086.gif

Second Grade Student Sites 
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02958040000[1].gif


Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj04063900000[1].gif


A walk in the woods 
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02958030000[1].gif


Scholastic News 
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MCj02811010000[1].gif

Accidental Scientist
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\j305258.gif

Monster Bugs
Students will have fun making their own virtual bug at the Monster Bugs section of The Magic Schoolbus website. Students select from various wings, legs, and heads to create a virtual bug.
Description: Description: \\lfweb\c$\inetpub\LakeFentonWebsite\Resources\MPj03905200000[1].jpg

3-5 Science

Third Grade Student Sites

Fourth Grade Student Sites

Fifth Grade Student Sites

Accidental Scientist

Virtual Fish Tank
This is a simulated fish tank that requires Shockwave. You need to register to log in. Once you log in, you can create up to four unique fish. Then you can launch your fish into a Personal Tank on your own computer and see how they behave.

Virtual Worm

Third Grade Science Websites

Fouth Grade Science Websites

Fifth Grade Science Websites

National Geographic Kids

Simple machines Sites

Animal Cam


6-8 Science

6th Grade Student Sites

7th Grade Student Sites

8th Grade Student Sites

Virtual Worm

Sixth Grade Science Websites

Seventh Grade Science Websites

Eighth Grade Science Websites

Earth from Space

Roller Coasters
Using principals of physics, students will create a roller coaster by making choices form a menu of options. Their rollercoaster is then rated for fun and safety. Good site for middle school, but a nice extension for upper elementary.

Simple Machines

Animal Cam

9-12 Science

Please send link suggestions for 9-12 Science to

Social Studies

K-2 Social Studies

Social Studies Websites













U. S. Constitution Day- Sept. 17th (Center for Civic Education)

President for a Day 


Ben's Guide to US Government 

3-5 Social Studies

U. S. Constitution Day- Sept. 17th (Center for Civic Education)

Outdoor Exploresr Club

Michigan Kids

American History

Create your own Notebook on Core Democratic Values

CNN Student News

Scholastic News

Time for Kids

Ben's Guide to US Government

U.S. Mint invites you to join the H.I.P. Pocket Change (HPC)
The History In Your Pocket (H.I.P.) Pocket Change site showcases the connection between this country's coins and its people.

White House Kids


6-8 Social Studies

U. S. Constitution Day- Sept. 17th (Center for Civic Education)

Test your Geography

Ben's Guide to US Government


9-12 Social Studies

U. S. Constitution Day- Sept. 17th (Center for Civic Education)

History and Politics Outloud
This site helps make that difference concrete by providing audio recordings of hundreds of important political speeches in a searchable archive.


Clip Art


Microsoft Clipart

The clipart in this gallery will automatically be stored to your local computer's clipart gallery (MS Office applications)


Description: Description:


Description: Description:



Description: Description:


Description: Description:

Description: Description:


Description: Description:


Description: Description:




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All Subject Area Websites

Music That Teaches
Here you will find original music for all ages with lyrics written about the core values of the United States of America. These Core Democratic Values (CDVs) are the fundamental beliefs and constitutional principles of American society which unite all citizens, and originate from the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and other significant documents, speeches, and writings of the nation. Whether you are a citizen, teacher, politician, civic leader, or someone who loves music, you will find this original music inspiring and thought provoking.

Internet 4 Classrooms

Marco Polo


K-2 Literacy Websites

Primary and secondary schools are increasingly recognizing the value that educational technology can bring to teaching and learning. Quia's assessment, tracking, and reporting tools provide efficiency, and free up educators' time, allowing for more creativity and one-on-one interaction with students. Quia's Web-based exercises, activities, and learning games generate student enthusiasm and allow them to learn at their own pace, in school or at home. Completely customizable to an individual teacher's curriculum, Quia activities captivate students, allow for rapid learning, and improve academic performance.

Michigan Teacher Network
This site is absolutely WONDERFUL for finding websites that directly relate to Michigan standards and benchmarks.  It also lists the standards and benchmarks.  There are over 850 sites featured and broken down by standard/benchmark.



Study Island

Study Island

We have a license to this site through Sept. of 2006.  Use this site regularly for MEAP prep.

Search Engines



Ask Jeeves

Searches two search engines at one time.

A library of online dictionaries, calculators, currency converters, measurement converters, library of Congress

Excellent site created by librarians with a search engine of appropriate educational sites for students.

Education Planet - The Education Web Guide
This is a searchable collection of educational web sites.  Uncheck the boxes except for web sites and maybe maps.

Education World
Large web site of educational links and a search engine feature to search these links.

SuperKids SuperSearch
This is a collection of educational web sites with a search feature as well as categories.
This is a searchable site of educational web sites.

Awesome Library - Education Search Engine
Database of 110,000+ sites related to educational topics.

Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory for Kids
Search engine with a kids category.  (limited results)

Blue Web'n Refined Search
Search engine of good educational sites, with ratings and grade levels.
  However, this is a fairly small database, so use one or two keywords only. 

LookSmart: Exploring World - Reference & Education k-12 - For Teachers - curriculum content,p&e76280

This is a search engine that searches educational curriculum content information gathered by educational sites.

LookSmart: Exploring World - Reference & Education k-12 - For Teachers - Lesson Plans,p&e62602
This is a search engine that searches lesson plans gathered by a number of educational sites.

The WWW Virtual Library
searchable collection - Agriculture, Arts, Business, Economics, Communications and Media, Information and Libraries, International Affairs, Law, Natural Science, Recreation

Websites for Teachers

Prentice Hall Online Books

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators -Discovery

Math Dictionary for Students


Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning

United Streaming- Videos on Demand

Teacher Web

The Elliott Library- "so no teacher is left behind"


Current Events for Kids

Time for Kids

DoGo News

National Geographic for Kids

Science News for Kids





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A special thanks to Lori Banaszak for providing so many of these useful links!

Do you have a website URL that you'd like to share?  Please email with your suggestions.  Please include the complete web address in your message.